Crowdfunder Update & Upcoming Events in Holland!

At the moment, on 31 July, the crowdfunding campaign for “Paradiso” – Lleca’s Theatre in Prison group’s play & tour – stands at €565,-! This is 17% of the goal we’ve set to meet and means we’re well on our way! ^.^

So, first of all, thank you so much for your support!! Our first benefit dinner, hosted on 11 July at the Dokhuis Gallery in Amsterdam, was a delicious success! As such, and thanks to your contributions, the Prison Theatre group in León, Nicaragua, continues to prepare for “Paradiso”!!

Next Friday we ambitiously hope to slam the budget-goal in half at LLECA’s “Cumbia Carcelera” fundraising party in Amsterdam! DJ Rodrigo, a well-known latin fiesta DJ, has joined in to support the Prison Theatre group and will spin off into the night for us, taking as many partying guests with him as possible ^.^ Again we will sell our Quesadillas & Cocktails – and of course, all of the revenue from the Cumbia Carcelera will end up on this crowdfunder!!! A special presentation about the project & our donation box will bring the ‘funder’ to the party ‘crowd’!!

We are also very glad to announce that we will host a special benefit dinner on Tuesday 8 September at Nieuwland, Amsterdam, to wave out the Dutchie leaving for Nicaragua for ‘Paradiso’!! You can also decide to come and pick your ‘Beyond Bars’ bag up there – it would be so nice to meet you all!! ^.^

If you haven’t made a contribution already, get your fingers on that ‘donate now’ button on our crowdfunding campaign’s page!! If you already contributed, thank you so very much!!! ^.^ Together we will make the prison theatre group’s wildest dream – performing & touring outside prison – come true!!!!

If you have any spare time and think this cause is worth spreading, please consider informing your friends about this crowdfunding initiative : ) More information about us can always be found here on our website ^.^


See you soon…. Truly yours, Julienne & The LLECA Party Team

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Our crowdfunder for “Paradiso” is live!

Between 11 July and 11 September 2015 we will be crowdfunding for the realization of our prison theatre group’s wildest dream: the production & tour of their play “Paradiso” outside prison! We are looking to raise €3.300,- to this end – help us out by making your donation here and recieve a gift in return!!

More information about the play & process, in both Dutch and English, can be found on the crowdfunding website ‘Voordekunst’ and on our own Paradiso tab.

Thank you for supporting our Theatre in Prison!!!

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Central American Summer Party in Amsterdam!

Saturday 11 July | 18.30-00.30 | Dokhuis Gallery | Plantage Doklaan 6-8, Amsterdam

Dear friends,
As the sun slowly melts our brains and the swallow’s chants fill the air, time has arrived for a delicious Central American dinner&party!

There will be food, rum Flor de Caña cocktails a live band and a tropical DJ, all to celebrate our Nicaraguan Theatre in Prison program and the Más Allá de las Rejas – Beyond Bars project!! Help us by eating, drinking & dancing your feet off for one of the best – and most party-licious – causes ^.^

Feel free to invite others & spread the word : ) Find the Facebook event here!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!!!


18.30 Doors open
19.00-21.00 Dinner served:
—– Appetizer: Sopita de Frijoles ( Black Bean Soup )
—– Main: Vega Quesadillas or Tostones with your pick of sides: Pico de Gallo * Guacamole * Crema * Frijoles Molidos * Varias Ensaladas *

21.00-22.00 LIVE: Los Blaster funk duo from Chile!!!

22.00-00.30 A Bailar Se Ha Dicho! Tropical DJ Florita will spin you crazy on cumbia, reggea(ton), salsa, merengue, dancehall and everything in between! ^.^

**All food & drinks are donation-based**
Dinner main dish €5,- // main & appetizer €7 // Flor de Caña cocktails €3,-!!! Beer, wine & juice from €1,50 // Only cash //

More info on Lleca Teatro‘s Theatre in Prison project: // Facebook! Thank you!!

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Teatro & Expresión para la Reinserción Social // Theater & Expression for Prisoner Reinsertion

En febrero del 2015 empezamos con nuestros talleres de ‘Expresión Narrativa’ con un grupo de ex privados de libertad y jóvenes bajo medidas cautelares en Matagalpa. Dos de los integrantes, quienes nos han ayudado a formar el grupo, son antiguos integrantes de nuestro programa de Teatro en la Cárcel! En mayo empezamos a dar continuación a los talleres de Expresión con talleres de Teatro.

En los talleres de teatro & expresión reflexionamos sobre la experiencia que ha sido la cárcel en la vida de cada uno de los participantes. Escribimos historias cortas, poesía, rap y testimonios y realizamos ejercicios y dinámicas para expresar lo que se siente y vive tanto dentro como fuera de la cárcel. Los talleres y el entrenamiento actoral plantean el inicio de una formación de un grupo de ex presidiarios y jóvenes en riesgo quienes lucharán por el mejoramiento de las condiciones de reinserción social en nuestro país.

Las primeras fotos de estos talleres están ya en la página Facebook de Más Allá de las Rejas!

Los mantendremos al tanto!


We are very pleased to announce that we started teaching “Narrative Expression” workshops this February (2015) in Matagalpa with a group of former prisoners and youth under custodial restraints. Two of the participants, who also helped set up the group, are former members of our Theatre in Prison program! In May we continued the Expression workshops into Theatre workshops.

During the narrative expression & theatre workshops we reflect on the experience that prison has been for each participant. We write short stories, poetry, rap and testimonies and realize theatre training and dynamics to help express what we feel, both inside and outside prison. The workshops and acting training mark the start of the formation of a group of former prisoners who will promote the bettering of social reinsertion in Nicaragua.

The first pictures of these workshops are now up on Beyond Bar’s Facebook page!

We will keep you posted!

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Observaciones de ‘Purgatorio – Nietzsche’

Agradecemos mucho a Solange E. Saballos por su escrito publicado hoy en la página ‘Palmereando’, analizando su experiencia de nuestra obra ‘Purgatorio – Nietzsche’ en su estreno el 27 de marzo en el Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío.

Léa el artículo aquí!

Fotografías por Solange E. Saballos

Recuerda que el papa Benedicto XVI dijo una vez que “el purgatorio no es un lugar del espacio, sino un fuego interior”…

También apareció una apreciación del ‘Purgatorio – Nietzsche’ en La Prensa.

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Más Allá de las Rejas en la prensa nacional!

Hoy La Prensa y El Nuevo Diario publicaron sobre el donativo que recibimos LLECA y Fundación Vida Nueva para la realización de nuestro proyecto “Más Allá de las Rejas”. Véase los artículos “Donativo para proyecto a reos” y “Fondos para atención a reos“. Reiteramos nuestro profundo agradecimiento al Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de la República Federal de Alemania por su donativo y su confianza en nosotros. Pronto publicaremos acerca de los primeros actividades que realizaremos en marco del proyecto!

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Más Allá de las Rejas // Beyond Bars

Today, March 31st 2015, after more than five years of teaching performing arts in prison, LLECA signed a contract with the German Embassy, acting on behalf of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the realization of our project “Más Allá de las Rejas” = “Beyond Bars”. “Beyond Bars” was selected for a financial grant of €62,400.- and will be realized between April 1st and December 31st 2015. We wrote the project proposal together with the Nicaraguan foundation Vida Nueva (FVN), who have been successfully working in prison with their “Men of Value” program since 2012, and who have been our colleagues in the Dimitrov since last December. Thank you Germany for your confidence in us, we are very excited about this collaboration and are itching to start the project!

“Beyond Bars” aims to better the social reinsertion of (ex) prisoners and to promote their human, economic, social and cultural rights in prison. “Beyond Bars” will take place in and around three of Nicaragua’s eight penitentiaries: in the capital city Managua, the Northern city of Matagalpa and the Pacific city of Chinandega, where those sentenced to prison in León are also sent. These three city areas are those with the highest levels of violent crimes, and the prisons in these departments are most overcrowded.  They are moreover the three places where LLECA and FVN are already active.

To achieve our goal, the project aims to:

1)      Form an alliance of promotors of the human, economic, social and cultural rights of those deprived of liberty with a majoritarian participation of ex-prisoners themselves so that they may voice and visibilize the particular problems that this community confronts;

2)      Educate the prisoner community about their human rights – especially their economic, social and cultural rights – and educate local civil society about the current situation of the prisons and the difficulties prisoners encounter upon their return to society so that they may join us in bettering their conditions;

3)      Realize a) a study on the current situation of prisoner economic, social and cultural rights and b) a study on delinquent recidivism so that we can use these for the creation of a special course oriented to prison, police and government officials, and for the formulation of recommendations for the penitentiary law so that the education surrounding prisoner rights and social reinsertion of the (ex) prisoner may ameliorate.

The project works alongside the prisons’ Re-educational Direction and in the line of the Nicaraguan penitentiary law that stipulates the prisons’ main task is to provide education to the prisoner community so that they may acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to step away from criminal ends. To realize the project we will be organizing a series of events, including never before held municipal meetings  of ex-prisoners; special workshops on economic, social and cultural rights; on prisoner rights; an education campaign in the local and national media to counter ex-prisoner stigmatization; a special course on the prevention of recidivism for social workers and government officials; and lobbying with local businesses to include (ex) prisoners in their corporate social responsibility programs. Moreover, we will continue with our performing arts workshops, creating with the prisoner theatre group in Matagalpa a play that will be presented at all prisons; and another with Lleca Teatro’s group, incorporating ex-prisoners, that we will tour nationally. We will also record a documentary of the project’s progress and present this in the three cities in the last months of the project. We will be posting updates and invitations to these special events on our homepage and under the category “Más Allá de las Rejas // Beyond Bars”.

“Más Allá de las Rejas” is financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Purgatorio-Nietzsche: Estrenado!

El pasado viernes 27 de marzo estrenamos en el Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío nuestra nueva obra “Purgatorio-Nietzsche” – aquí las primeras fotografías, tomadas por Carlo Fitoria.

Agradecemos a todo el equipo técnico del Teatro Nacional y al festival Expo Teatro por su apoyo y trabajo. Mil gracias al público por su infaltable presencia!! Hasta la próxima…

Elenco: Mick Sarria, Marvin Corrales, Gloria Cantillo, Adela Sarria, Melisa Cantillo, Carlo Fitoria y del grupo de teatro del Jorge Dimitrov los niños Jorge Abraham, Eddy, Xiomara y Verónica.

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ESTRENO: Purgatorio – Nietzsche

El viernes 27 de marzo del 2015 estrenaremos nuestra nueva obra “Purgatorio // Nietzsche” – Más Allá del Bien y el Mal – en el Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío (Managua, Nicaragua). La obra se presenta en el festival Expo Teatro organizado en el marco del Día Internacional del Teatro. Los esperamos!

Entrada: 100 córdobas


¿Qué es el purgatorio? ¿Es algo que desconocemos y que está después de la muerte, o es la existencia misma del aquí y ahora? El Purgatorio – Nietzsche es una obra basada en la construcción colectiva de imágenes que rompen e inician las crisis que provienen del territorio de nuestro interior. Dante, y muchos otros Dantes, regresan al mundo más allá del bien y el mal e intentan romper cualquier forma de dialéctica para encontar el génesis circular del pensamiento. Se enfrentan con la incertidumbre de la existencia misma, con la humanidad en el dolor y la penitencia, el placer y la ilusión de la absolución. En la liminalidad del Purgatorio, de no estar ni absuelto ni condenado, aún todo es posible. El Purgatorio – Nietzsche es el vivo intento de ritualizar el cuerpo humano y su destino incierto. No somos todos ¿humanos, demasiado humanos?

Concepto y Direccion : Mick Sarria
Asistencia Direccion : Marvin Corrales
Produccion: Lleca Teatro EXPO TEATRO 2015
Actuan : Gloria Cantillo, Melisa Silva, Marvin Corrales, Mick Sarria, Carlo Fitoria
Invitados : Grupo Teatral Jorge Dimitrov Managua
Colaboración audiovisual : Daniel Torres


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Expresión Narrativa con Ex Privados de Libertad

Estamos muy contentos de anunciarles que el próximo domingo 25 de enero iniciaremos talleres de ‘Expresión Narrativa’ con un grupo de ex privados de libertad en Matagalpa.

En los talleres de expresión narrativa reflexionaremos sobre la experiencia que ha sido la
cárcel en la vida de cada uno de los participantes. Escribiremos historias cortas, poesía, rap y testimonios para expresar lo que sentimos tanto dentro como fuera de la cárcel.

Les mantendremos al tanto!


We are very pleased to announce that we will start “Narrative Expression” workshops in Matagalpa next Sunday 25 January with a group of former prisoners.

During the narrative expression workshops we will reflect on the experience that prison has been for each participant. We will write short stories, poetry, rap and testimonies to express what we feel, both inside and outside prison.

We will keep you posted!

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