Presidio Político // Political Prisoners

As concerned citizens of Nicaragua and members of the solidarity movement across Europe, Lleca Teatro and LLECA support the permanent campaign for a free Nicaragua without political prisoners: Nicaragua Libre Sin Presxs Politicxs. Concretely, Dutch foundation LLECA functions as one of the channels of financial support for the Committee of Family Members of Political Prisoners of Nicaragua, to raise awareness about the protests, their repression and the situation of political imprisonment, and to provide you with ways in which you can participate in the campaign and support Nicaragua’s political prisoners.

As part of the Nicaraguan-European solidarity movement’s working group on political prisoners, we have helped create the web platform and campaign for the liberation and support of Nicaragua’s political prisoners. You can visit the platform here. On the platform you can find more information about political imprisonment in Nicaragua following the 2018 protests, blogs with the profiles and stories of the political prisoners, and make a donation.

May the bars of the cells / turn to sugar or bend of mercy / and my brothers go and do again / love and revolution.

– Mario Benedetti

Lleca Teatro and LLECA especially support this permanent campaign for the liberation and survival of the political prisoners in Nicaragua as we have intimate knowledge of the Nicaraguan prison system, the repression, and the day-to-day needs of prisoners through our past work with prisoners and former prisoners (through the Theatre in Prison project, from 2009-2017). As you may know, different members of Lleca Teatro had to flee the country due to their participation in the protests – many of our friends face persecution, some have been imprisoned, and the repression in Nicaragua continues in both overt and insidious ways.

For the bird caged / for the fish in the fish tank / for my friend, who is in prison / because he has said what he thinks / I name you freedom.

– Nacha Guevara (“Yo te nombro Libertad”)

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