Managua Blues III

It’s time to party for theater in prison Central American style!

Prepare yourselves to have your eyes rolling out your sockets and ears pumped out your brains, LLECA’s on tonight!

Friday 9 November | 20.00 – 01.00 | Vondelbunker – Vondelpark 8, Amsterdam

We have a beautiful Managua Blues night in store for you this cold November eve at Schijnheilig‘s bunker. We’re proud to announce it’s the third edition, and will treat you with some extra LLECA visuals.

The night starts at 20.00 with a theater performance, followed by Brazillian music by group Luar Carmim. LLECA then kicks in with CA music, beats and visuals to get you dancing through the night! 

We’ll be serving cocktails & shots at very friendly prices throughout the night to raise funds for our Theater in Prison program & Center for Experimental Acting in Nicaragua, so please don’t leave that mesoamerican spirit of alcoholism at home! : P

Delight yourself and quench your thirst with true Nicaraguan rum, wodka & tequila ^.^ We’ll make sure there are some nachos so ya don’t overdose ; )

The Vondelbunker is an extraordinary location and with theater, live music and cocktails it promises to be a LLECA party never to forget!!!

Confirm your assistance on Facebook, thank you!

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