Photo’s of Lleca Teatro at ICAF2017!

We are absolutely blown away by the beautiful experiences we have had at the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam. We could not be more grateful for the people we have met, the feelings and moments shared, and the opportunities presented. Thank you #ICAF2017 for everything!!!

The road over has been rough, full of obstacles, but more than worth it for all of us. We leave you with some images of Caín y los Perros, as presented at ICAF2017 by Lleca Teatro’s mixed former prisoner-actor group. Thank you Kevin Ryan & Liao Yun Ching, and Mairea for the amazing photography!!

A special thank you to everyone who came to see Caín y los Perros in Rotterdam and in Amsterdam, to those who attended Lleca’s farewell Cumbia party, and to those who so warmly invited and accompanied us on this journey. Without all of you this would not be possible! Hasta la próxima!!

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