Crowdfunder Update & Upcoming Events in Holland!

At the moment, on 31 July, the crowdfunding campaign for “Paradiso” – Lleca’s Theatre in Prison group’s play & tour – stands at €565,-! This is 17% of the goal we’ve set to meet and means we’re well on our way! ^.^

So, first of all, thank you so much for your support!! Our first benefit dinner, hosted on 11 July at the Dokhuis Gallery in Amsterdam, was a delicious success! As such, and thanks to your contributions, the Prison Theatre group in León, Nicaragua, continues to prepare for “Paradiso”!!

Next Friday we ambitiously hope to slam the budget-goal in half at LLECA’s “Cumbia Carcelera” fundraising party in Amsterdam! DJ Rodrigo, a well-known latin fiesta DJ, has joined in to support the Prison Theatre group and will spin off into the night for us, taking as many partying guests with him as possible ^.^ Again we will sell our Quesadillas & Cocktails – and of course, all of the revenue from the Cumbia Carcelera will end up on this crowdfunder!!! A special presentation about the project & our donation box will bring the ‘funder’ to the party ‘crowd’!!

We are also very glad to announce that we will host a special benefit dinner on Tuesday 8 September at Nieuwland, Amsterdam, to wave out the Dutchie leaving for Nicaragua for ‘Paradiso’!! You can also decide to come and pick your ‘Beyond Bars’ bag up there – it would be so nice to meet you all!! ^.^

If you haven’t made a contribution already, get your fingers on that ‘donate now’ button on our crowdfunding campaign’s page!! If you already contributed, thank you so very much!!! ^.^ Together we will make the prison theatre group’s wildest dream – performing & touring outside prison – come true!!!!

If you have any spare time and think this cause is worth spreading, please consider informing your friends about this crowdfunding initiative : ) More information about us can always be found here on our website ^.^


See you soon…. Truly yours, Julienne & The LLECA Party Team

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